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it. >>(narrator) unafraid, outspoken, and above all politically direct. >>we'll do our best to carry the flag from 6 to 9 every morning.
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[ music ] >> announcer: stephanie miller . >> stephanie: mm-hmm, okay, all right, we're trying to compete with florida, aren't we. >> yeah, yeah. >> stephanie: this is just in. >> a pair of lungs were found on a sidewalk in south central l.a. nobody mere by. >> stephanie: south central does it like nobody. >> nobody near buy. >> stephanie: that's how we do it here. >> announcer: stephanie miller. >> girlfriend. ♪ things that make you go hmm ♪ ♪ things that make you go hmm ♪ ♪ things that make you go hmm hmm, hmm ♪ ♪ hmm ♪ ♪ things that make you go hmm ♪ >> stephanie: hmm, hmm, hmm.
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it is "the stephanie miller show." >> hmm. >> stephanie: welcome to it. 26 minutes after the hour. your friend just started watching us on tv and said what? >> he said we're a lot funnier than -- [ applause ] >> stephanie: john kerry on fire at the debate. mitt had no binders on foreign policy. [ ♪ circus ♪ ] oh, this also with the fun facts about the ship. it will bring navy above 300 ships. navy sha rank under george w. bush to 278 ships. comas up under obama. he has come up under obama. so there's that, mitt. [ applause ] governor, the state isn't proud of you. you can't even compete in massachusetts. mittens talked about how proud he is in massachusetts. the feeling is not mutual. the president kind of having fun with the romnesia on the campaign trail. >> obama: if you talk about how much you love teaches during a debate but just a few weeks go,
6:27 am
you said we shouldn't hire more because it wouldn't grow our economy, you might have romnesia. if you say you won't give a big tax cut to the wealthy but you're on a video promising your tax cut would include the top 1%, that sounds like a classic case of romnesia. >> stephanie: ray in texas. you're on "the stephanie miller show." hi ray. >> caller: good morning. that was fast. i'm usually on hold for an hour and 18 minutes. i wanted to make three quick little points. first about third party -- the third party debates last night and i'm actually considering giving my vote to jill stein because my state is going to vote red anyway so i figure as a liberal, if i give my vote to a third party ticket, we can get 150,000 votes in 40 states and we could have a third party in the debate for 2016. >> stephanie: oh i see. >> caller: that's my little
6:28 am
secret. >> stephanie: i would just vote for obama but go ahead. >> caller: okay. i'm thinking about it. i just became an undecided voter. my other point was -- i want to talk about when the republicans and joe scarborough this morning, they were talking about he doesn't have any new plans. his plans are the same as they were in 2008 because we had a congress that won't let him do anything. >> stephanie: he just got his plan yesterday. >> caller: granted, there are a lot of things that are similar because he couldn't get them done. joe biden said get out of the way and let us do our job. >> stephanie: that's what they should call the plan. get the [ bleep ] out of the way. >> i've got this. >> stephanie: all i'm saying. narrated by samuel jackson. 29 minutes after the hour. back with actress elizabeth banks from "the hunger games" on "the stephanie miller show." give like that. >> you would have to spew right wing propaganda.
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>> oh, look. >> stephanie miller. >> hello mr. beav err. mr. beav err. >> ms. beaver to you. >> stephanie: 1-800-steph-12 the phone number. i caught him trying to slip roofies in the sorority punch bowl over there. can we help you help you, help you, good morning jacki schechner. >> i'm so regretting this. [ laughter ] >> already. >>. liz is never going to speak to me again. >> stephanie: i gotta lock you down here. actress elizabeth banks from "the hunger games" is also jacki
6:34 am
schechner's sorority sister from the university of pennsylvania. good morning elizabeth. >> hey jacki. >> i'm so sorry liz. [ laughter ] >> i love that this connection was brought up. yes, went to college together at penn and philly. >> stephanie: that came from some figment of my usc -- one of my friends was that correct? >> i think we've heard it a time or two. >> exactly. >> stephanie: my friend patty. okay. so elizabeth, you were on the campaign trail for obama. >> i am. i'm out supporting president barack obama for re-election. i think we have a very clear choice come november 6th and for me, that choice, it has to be president barack obama for working families, for women and for america. >> stephanie: jacki just reported at the top of the hour. did you hear the latest, richard mourdock, the republican senate
6:35 am
candidate in indiana. >> yeah. >> even if a woman is raped it is god's plan that if the pregnancy happens, it is god's plan. >> yeah, god's got a lot of plans, let me tell you. he's got genocide plans in rwanda, war plans in iraq and afghanistan. he's got a lot of plans for people that aren't so great. >> if it happens it is god's will. >> stephanie: elizabeth, we were saying, i was talking to a friend yesterday, i don't know how a woman this year can vote republican. because it is not just one guy. >> i don't get it either. i want to remind the ladies that are going to go vote that nobody knows what lever you pull in that polling place ladies. don't forget. whatever is going on around your dinner table when you get in there, you're on your own. you can do whatever you want. i just want to remind women of that. no one knows what you're going to do in the polls. >> stephanie: i was saying, all of the republican bosses sending the threatening letters to employees saying -- your job might not be safe if obama gets
6:36 am
re-elected. i hope there is a huge ground swell like huge [ bleep ] boss man, backlash vote. >> i hope so. the intimidation that's going on on that side. it is so un-american and so unpatriotic. i grew up working class. my dad was a factory worker for g.e. he was in the navy. we would sit around the dinner table and talk politics even when i was very young. he would say to us if it is your patriotic duty to vote. we have armed forces fighting for that right for other people all over the world. and you know, professing that america is the greatest country because we have a voice in our politics. and to intimidate voters in this way, to not let people's true voice be heard on election day to me, it is unpatriotic. it is absolutely ridiculous and un-american. >> liz, as you travel around and meet with peep, are you finding that the misinformation from the other side is seeping in? women are paying attention and they realize that they need to
6:37 am
vote for president obama in order to protect their basic rights? >> you know, i think a lot of women do. the republican-led house their third bill that they introduced redefined rape. this is the type of thing that mitt romney -- you know, doesn't speak out about at all on the right. he has not been a leader for women whereas the president has always been a strong advocate for women's economic and health security. and that's what we're talking about. we're talking about our security. and that's what i see people talking about. women saying if i don't have the ability to plan my family, then i worry like well, what am i -- what if i have to leave my job? are our two incomes which are necessary, are they in jeopardy? those are the questions that women have that i'm talking to. they're tying their health security to their economic security and make no mistake they're one in the same for families and for women in america. >> stephanie: that shouldn't
6:38 am
be a hard question. that moment stuck out at me from the debate about equal pay. about lilly ledbetter. >> don't get me -- >> stephanie: it is such a complicated issue. no it's not. >> not complicated. i have met lilly ledbetter she's an amazing woman. she -- the first bill that president obama signed when he got into office was the lilly ledbetter fair pay act. to ensure equal pay for equal work for women in america. my mom was someone who was -- i remember my mom telling me a great story about going to get a job in the early '80s and a guy was hired literally right next to her. she was being hired as a bank teller. they paid the male bank teller 75 cents more per hour, something like that and my mom said i don't understand. we're doing the same job. i would like his pay. her boss said i'm sorry honey. i'm adding my own honey in
6:39 am
there. i'm sorry honey but he has a family to support. and that decision followed my mom her entire life and it follows women their entire lives. less money in their pensions, less money in their 401(k)s it means less, less, less. so when your husband dies before you do which happens to a lot of ladies, you're left with less, you know. if he runs off and marries a 25-year-old, you're left with less. this is basic basic basic politics for women. we deserve equal pay. it is crazy. romney has never said he would support it. never. >> stephanie: liz can i call you liz as if i'm an honorary tri-delt? >> sure. >> stephanie: we keep hearing about there will be an enthusiasm gap. i'm not seeing it. i feel just as much enthusiasm for the president if not more for what jacki said.
6:40 am
honestly the terrifying -- even when someone says president romney, i just start to get into a cold sweat. [ laughter ] >> i know, i do, too. look, i just feel that mitt romney is -- he's out of touch with working class people. he's never been working class in his entire life. he gave advice to a college student who said hey you know, i want to start a company. what can i do? his answer was you should ask your dad for help. as if that's an option for most people. it was never an option for me. >> stephanie: dads everywhere are going thanks a lot, mitt! >> exactly. i mean like i like to think of mitt romney's household as like leave it to beaver or my three sons with an extra few sons thrown in there. he's not worried about women's pay because he's got sons. that's it. >> stephanie: even his phrasing when he slips elizabeth, in the debate, he said if we're going to have women in the workplace, it is like do we have that now? yes, mitt!
6:41 am
>> exactly. >> it is just theoretical at this point. >> he's like -- it is not even that he's living in an america that's like the leave it to beaver. an america of the past. he's living in an america that never existed. that is not in touch with any reality that actually is working for modern families right now. i love by the way that his wife, for instance, says modern family is her favorite show. whoever created the show said great, mitt and ann i welcome you to officiate at the wedding when you make it legal for all people to be married in america. one candidate that's for an all-inclusive america. president obama and then there's the other guy. >> stephanie: and the other guy. there you go. it must have been -- as smart and politically active as you are, how hard was it to play laura bush in w? >> as i do with all roles you know, i just played a really loving wife. i have to say you know, i -- i
6:42 am
really do believe that the bushes, that george and laura bush, have a very loving relationship. i believe that wholeheartedly. that was not difficult to play the loving, exasperated wife, laura bush. who never really wanted to be in politics. who sort of followed her husband into it. and supported him. i'm sure that romneys are a loving couple. i don't quibble with family life, you know. i quibble with their policies and your leadership on issues that affect working americans. >> stephanie: i sympathize when i spend with how much time she spends with her head in her hands. i'll be chain-smoking in the rose garden if anyone needs me. so how are you feeling? obviously you're out there on the trail and we're getting really close and you know, you're looking at the same polls i am. how are you feeling? >> well, look, i obviously
6:43 am
believe it is going to be close. every vote counts which is why i'm on your program this morning. i want to encourage everybody every single person to go to the polls. i want to encourage you if you don't think you can get there on tuesday, early voting is available most places and it has started now in a lot of places. you can learn where to vote at barack i think it is very clear these choices. one guy is taking america forward. he's moving america in the right direction. he's been creating jobs and he really cares about working class families. he wants to build the middle class and build from there out. mitt romney is all about top down. >> stephanie: he has really excellent taste in obama surrogates. with he had melissa fitzgerald in. because now we know jacki schechner has smart actresses from the university of pennsylvania. large talent pool there. >> we're all interested citizens in the world around us. we really care.
6:44 am
and you know, people ask me. what does an actress know about politics? i'm a citizen of america just like everybody. i'm trying to be informed here. that's what i know about politics. >> she also happens to be like wicked smart. >> stephanie: ivy leaguey. liz, do you have any jacki schechner college stories to share with us this morning before you go? >> jacki i believe you were in a grease skit once. >> stephanie: no way. do tell. >> i believe that it involved bra sizes at one point because i'm okay to say this on air. i've said it other places. i don't have as very large breasts. and i was very much made fun of. i believe i was told i would not win a wet t-shirt contest. >> stephanie: oh dear. >> by my fellow sorority centers in what ended up being a great practical joke. i'm pretty sure jacki was involved.
6:45 am
>> i don't know about this. i was probably either next to or behind liz. [ laughter ] i'm even going to give jacki credit. >> no, i was dead last in the race. >> stephanie: what grease song are we talking about so we can reenact that later? >> i remember wearing leather jackets and having fake tattoos on our arms. the kind of stuff college kids get into. >> stephanie: you need to come in studio next time. we'll have an extra box of wine and i want to hear more. >> don't bring her in because jim will grope her. >> stephanie: jim can't be controlled at this point. elizabeth banks thanks so much for taking time from the campaign trail. and long live tri-delt forever. >> exactly. have a great day. >> stephanie: bye jacki. [ applause ] >> wow! >> stephanie: we have to go
6:46 am
through our grease library now. >> i'll bet you it was grease lightning. >> stephanie: oh. you know what? top of the hour we're playing grease lightning. >> or you're the one that i want. because that's what she came out and said tell me about it, stud. >> stephanie: this is a sad little show this morning. 46 minutes after the hour. right back on "the stephanie miller show." >> damn it jim you made me snarf on my keyboard again! it's "the stephanie miller show."
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the natural energy of peanuts and delicious, soft caramel. to fill you up and keep you moving, whatever your moves. payday. fill up and go!
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[ ♪ music ♪ ] >> announcer: stephanie miller. ♪ here we go here we go,
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tootsie roll ♪ ♪ to the left, to the left, to the right to the right ♪ ♪ to the front to the back ♪ ♪ now slide slide baby, slide baby slide ♪ >> stephanie: people shouldn't send me romney pictures right before i go back on. 51 minutes after the hour. julie sends -- i thought it was tagg romney. the second creepiest romney is josh. [ ding ding ] [ applause ] >> that's the one i told you about. >> stephanie: staring. yikes. okay. ?usm. 1-800-steph-12. >> stop it. this is hard. >> ann: stop it. [ ♪ "world news tonight" ♪ ] >> stephanie: this is interesting. only foreign policy debate, the only country that prefers romney pakistan. bbc published the results. they do this every election. how the rest of the world would
6:52 am
vote. 21 countries they surveyed, pakistan the only one that would elect mitt romney. maybe because he said he wouldn't go in to get -- you know, osama bin laden. >> he would have asked them for permission. then we wouldn't have gotten him but they probably would have liked that. an average of 50% favored mr. obama. 9% for mr. romney. around the world. [ wah wah ] the president on the topics back here. the president yesterday. >> obama: if you say that you love american cars during a debate, you're a car guy! but you wrote an article titled "let detroit go bankrupt" you definitely have a case of romnesia. >> stephanie: dorie in virginia you're on "the stephanie miller show." hello, dorie. >> caller: stephanie, i love you. >> stephanie: all right. you just swing that swing state
6:53 am
my way is all i'm saying. virginia. go ahead. >> caller: i want to know -- nobody has asked this question. who is going to pay for the baby of a rape victim? at the very least someone should pay for her emergency room visit to give birth. nobody has asked that question. >> stephanie: whatever that noise is you make, that's the noise i make every time a republican says something about women. doing. mourdock, if a woman is raped that is what god intended. how do you take that back? >> stephanie: he accused people of twisting his words. we made the actual sound clip. >> in context. >> stephanie: kathy in illinois. you're on "the stephanie miller show." >> caller: hi, stephanie. how are you? >> stephanie: good. go ahead. >> caller: you know, i've been so frustrated during the debate. there are a few points -- romney
6:54 am
keeps bringing up how successful he was. as the governor of massachusetts. it seems to me the president -- i don't understand, the statistics are public record. they can be proven. constantly says he balanced the budget for four years but he left them with a $1 billion debt. he said he worked with an 87% democratic legislature but he had a 34% approval rating. how well did he work with them? >> stephanie: 700 and something vetoes. it is absolutely a myth. there is a reason he's behind 20 to 30 points in massachusetts. i wish the president had been able to bring that up. people would think that sounded so -- when he started talking about how proud he was of his time in massachusetts, i wish the president would be able to say curious why you're behind 20 points. >> caller: exactly. he's going to create jobs but he was 47th in job creation? these are simple points. they would make a great ad in the swing states. >> stephanie: absolutely. we just did one in virginia.
6:55 am
so there. diane in janesville, wisconsin. the budget munster's hometown. hello, diane. >> caller: hello. >> stephanie: hello. go ahead. >> caller: hello. just a couple of little small points but no one seems to have brought out. did anyone notice ann romney refused to shake the president's hand at the al smith dinner. she turned her back when he walked into the room. the help, you know. >> stephanie: yeah. >> caller: also, here is another point nobody is talking about. how romney kept whining about how the president was picking on him. he mentioned it at least two or three times. you're attacking me. you're attacking me. >> stephanie: i love rush yesterday said the president was mean. code for winning. when they win it's mean. he's mean! arrogant. >> uppity. >> stephanie: he wasn't likable.
6:56 am
i guess not because he kicked your guy's ass. of course you're not going to like him. mike in l.a., you're on "the stephanie miller show." hi mike. >> caller: good morning, ms. miller. i have a little problem because i missed most of the debate. i need you to help me out with this. did romney say that having more ships makes you stronger? >> stephanie: i guess. >> that was basically what he was saying, yes. >> i remember a thing called the spanish armada. they had way more ships and they lost because they were commanded by hereditary douches who were incompetent so i'm not sure that point holds up. did he also say that iran is allied with syria because syria is their gateway to the sea? >> stephanie: their only route to the sea apparently. >> well, you know, i'm not -- just being an ordinary citizen that follows the news, i know there have been three wars in the persian gulf area in the past three decades. two of them started by president
6:57 am
bushes and the iranian -- the same as persia and that the iranian revolutionary guard fired on a u.s. navy vessel in the '80s. donning an iranian airliner. >> stephanie: because they're right there on the sea. >> the persian gulf. >> stephanie: they're right there. you see a bunch of people online. with arrows. syria, sea. iran other countries in between. yep. romney told 24 myths in 41 minutes this time according to think progress. that was one of them. only ally. it is their route to the sea. >> no. >> stephanie: no. and persians aren't arabs by the way. >> oh, yeah, they'll let you know. >> stephanie: 58 minutes after the hour. representative joe courtney next on "the stephanie miller show." governor tomorrow night.
6:58 am
she is awesome. we'll be right back on the "stephanie miller show." [ ♪ theme ♪ ] >> stephanie: here she is. well-known news woman jacki schechner. if she did a grease skit in college, i'm sure she can do one for us. ♪ >> so not happening although i did check with another sorority sister of mine who said that that was the skit that made people want to come to our sorority. i don't remember it very well but apparently that was the one that made us the coolest house and everyone wanted to be a part of it. >> stephanie: it was to grease lightning? >> i don't remember. liz had always wanted to be an
6:59 am
actress. that was always something she was aspiring to. she would remember those sorts of things better than i would. >> stephanie: we're going to loosen her up with a couple boxes of wine and we're going to get a lot more jacki schechner in college stories. trust me on that. you know what? you're the one that i want to do the news. >> don't go all grease reference on me. i will so beat you. >> oh, really? it has been broughten. >> stephanie: snap. >> i memorized the whole thing. >> stephanie: here she is. >> new e-mails obtained by at least two news agencies show that the state department told the white house and the fbi that anise an islamist group was taking possibility for the attack two hours after it happened. the e-mail names involved were all redacted but cnn and reuters are reporting someone on state identified alshara as claiming credit on facebook and twitter. e-mails are labeled sensitive but unclassified and show how
7:00 am
u.s. diplomats were describing the attack. president obama did reference an act of terror in his speech in the rose garden the day afterwards but the administration then in the days following maintained that the attacks had to do with spontaneous protests in regard to an anti-muslim film. ambassador chris stevens and three other americans were killed in the assault. neither the white house nor the state department has reacted to the release of the e-mails just yet. and we are hearing now the obama campaign is giving the des moines register the okay to report the contents of its conversation with the president in an editorial board meeting yesterday. initially, the white house had insisted that the president's remarks would be off the record. editor rick green posted his reaction online saying the voters deserve to hear what the president had to say. he insisted that the restrictive parameters of the interview would not impact the paper's ultimate endorsement which is out on saturday. but green emphasized what the president said would have played
7:01 am
well with the base and undecided voters and those voters deserve to hear what he had to say. it seems like now we will. we'll be back after the break. parker posey. she's the star of "a mighty wind" and no, that's now what comes out of rush limbaugh. only on current tv.
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>>it's a little bit of magic. >>connect with "talking liberally with stephanie miller" at [ ♪ theme music ♪ ] >> announcer: ladies and gentlemen, it's "the stephanie miller show." ♪ i'm walkin' on sunshine ♪ ♪ i'm walkin' on sunshine ♪ ♪ and it's time to feel good ♪ ♪ hey, all right now ♪ ♪ and it's time to feel good ♪ >> announcer: "the stephanie miller show" is brought to you by the last open >> stephanie: six minutes after the hour. 1-800-steph-12 the phone number toll free from anywhere. comedian rick overton live in studio right there hour number
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three. tickets to sexy liberal in new york city going fast. sexy liberal palooza this saturday. sexy liberal on facebook. to get tickets. get it. okay. so we have a lot of -- a lot of -- president on the campaign trail having way too much fun with romnesia and other pre-existing conditions. representative joe courtney from the great state of connecticut talks to us now. good morning representative. >> good morning stephanie. >> stephanie: thanks so much for taking time for us. >> you have a great show. >> stephanie: thank you. i think the president is officially having too much fun with romnesia. we're in third stage romnesia. fortunately it is covered under obama care. >> it is. whether he likes it or not. >> stephanie: what did you think of the debate the other night? >> i thought the president ran circles around him. actually one issue which i know has gotten some attention afterwards was this question about the size of our navy. i served on the subcommittee
7:06 am
because we have a submarine base in connecticut and a shipbuilder out there. one of the things that you know, mitt romney doesn't want people to know is that in fact, ship building under george bush really declined drastically to the point where we were losing our industrial base as far as welders, carpenters, electricians. and under president obama we actually have been averaging about a 10 ship a year ship building budget which again was higher than bush. we have a larger fleet today than when the president took office. so again what romney is proposing now is you know, this sort of fantasy of 350 ship navy with no way to pay for it. and again i can get into this stuff far more than your listeners want to listen to. his plan really is just -- again, i thought it was a really good moment that the president
7:07 am
had. >> stephanie: at least he's good on geography. oh no, he isn't. wow! you look at -- again not knowing that iran borders the sea. basic stuff that -- it really is -- i found it -- you know, all of the other debates, it is troubling how much he changes his position. i think the president's right. on foreign policy in particular, that's really terrifying to have someone that you have no idea literally -- what they stand for >> i also think you need to look at the people that surround romney in terms of his foreign policy team. to have john bolton and dan the architects of the iraq war and who have absolutely no interest in regard for any kind of engagement with our allies even let alone parts of the world where we've got to try to resolve some disputes. you know, this is a dangerous team. and we've already seen their results in terms of taking this country into a war that you know, cost 4,000 lives and
7:08 am
hundreds of billions of dollars. you know that's not what this country needs moving forward. typically the people who serve in our military. >> stephanie: by the way obviously you and i talked a lot about healthcare. you know, he was back to -- once again saying he's going to repeal obama care. he's been all over the map. on every issue but on that one in particular. he's like oh, no, i'm going to keep parts of it. he oh, no, mine is going to cover pre-existing conditions. >> it is incoherent. again, i've been out there a lot. this was a tough issue. the last three years or so. the fact is that people -- i do think are starting to move on for certainly large portions of the laws. up at the u-conn school of speech therapy with the graduate students who are 23 to 25 years old. how many of them are staying on their parent's health plan. the entire room. hands went up. he would pull the rug out from under these people who are doing
7:09 am
good work to get themselves ready for good jobs that again total demand for speech therapy out there in terms of nursing homes and hospitals educational systems. they're all going to find work. why wouldn't we want a system to allow them to pursue that kind of degree. and be able to still have health coverage through their parents. that's one of -- you know, hundreds and thousands of examples of how this law is really helping not just individuals but our economy refresh itself with young people in the work force. >> stephanie: yeah. just because you stand in front of a banner saying you're going to strengthen and protect medicare doesn't mean that you actually are. that's what -- i don't know about you but concerning about florida. you can't believe that that amount of seniors doesn't get that voucherizing medicare is a really bad idea. >> and eliminating doughnut hole assistance which now again has reached millions of seniors out there. you know, despite romney's misleading claim that you know,
7:10 am
anybody on medicare doesn't have to worry about the ryan plan. the opposite is true. people are getting help in the doughnut hole, getting preventive services through medicare. all of that built into the affordable care act would be completely eliminated if these guys get their hands on the white house and control of congress. and that's why i mean, failure is not an option with this election. for seniors for students, small businesses. people serving in the military. this is -- you know, really you hate to hear of the most important election. this is a big one for the country. we've gotta be on the right side of this thing at the end of the day. >> stephanie: congressman headline today in "the new york times," settlement eases rules for some medicare patients. talk to us about that. what's going on with that? >> this was actually -- a big issue for the system for the last 30 years which is that a lot of -- manuals that were out there for people who provide services for seniors said that you couldn't cover home
7:11 am
healthcare services, nursing care home attendants, if the patient can't show that they are quote-unquote improving. and so for people who have m. s. chronic conditions where their health has plateaued they're not in a position where they can rehab their condition they've been denied coverage under medicare for the last 30 years because of this so-called improvement standard. so an action was brought by senior advocates and there was settlement that was agreed to by the obama administration that was in "the new york times" that now says the only standard that we're going to apply for patients is whether or not there is a medical necessity for skilled care. that will be just a huge step forward in terms of helping people, relieve them of pain. getting them -- high-quality, humane service. by the way it will also keep people out of nursing homes because a lot of these folks when they don't have this kind of help, their conditions
7:12 am
deteriorate badly because they're not in a stable, static healthcare situation. you know, i wish the president would go out there and claim credit for this thing a little bit more loudly because it really shows why we have to preserve medicare as it is right now because this system now is accountable by having a quote action or by having members of congress. we turn this thing over to insurance companies, forget it. this kind of help for seniors would never happen. >> stephanie: i love when romney said attacking me is not a plan. it is like whoa, first of all we have no idea what your plans are because they change day to day and secondly, president obama has had many plans and has gotten not just -- he has gotten them done. could get a lot more done if he would get cooperation with the next congress, right? >> that's right. and what happened with this standard is it is making the system smarter and better for seniors. again for anybody who is over 65 or cares about people over 65, again, this election is not even a close call.
7:13 am
these guys will butcher the system that has extended life expectancy for americans since it was first enacted. people forget. what is expectancy in this country was 70 when lyndon johnson signed it into law. today is 78. with the rule that came out a couple of days ago it will help families and patients be able to again, get care that will provide higher standard of quality of life. and if we turn the clock back, which through the romney plan does, in terms of taking it out of a guaranteed benefit structure, you know, really people are going to really suffer and it's not hysterical to say that. we know that. >> stephanie: that's why -- >> from real life experience. >> stephanie: my favorite line about the president's -- about going back to the financial policies of the 1920s the social policies of the 1950s and the foreign policies of the '80s that's why forward is the perfect slogan for us. representative courtney, thanks as always for your time.
7:14 am
so appreciate it. >> thanks, stephanie. keep up the great work. >> stephanie: thank you. you, too. there he goes, joe courtney. >> yea. >> stephanie: the president on the ever-changing mitt romney. >> obama: we're accustomed to seeing politicians change their positions from like four years ago. we are not accustomed to seeing politicians change their position from four days ago. [ cheering ] >> stephanie: i have to say at this point, it has gotten dizzying! mitt romney -- jim i've never seen a campaign like this. have you? you can't even compare him to mccain or anybody. he's just -- >> no. >> stephanie: he is without principle. he is without any core conviction. >> he has romnesia. >> blind ambition. >> stephanie: seriously he's the most incoherent campaign i've ever seen. >> how could it even be close? >> stephanie: that's what i don't get. christie in california. >> oh, wait, he's white. >> caller: good morning, stephanie. >> stephanie: good morning
7:15 am
christie. >> caller: you have lovely hands. >> stephanie: i do? why thank you. >> caller: i just wanted to say i think -- i just wanted to say i think it was in denver when obama -- someone shouted from the audience i love you and he right back at ya he said. i love you right back. that's a beautiful aura. i don't know what color that would be. but can you imagine if anyone said that to mitt. >> stephanie: remember, jim i think only once that happened. he said something really awkward. he was like oh, i only love ann. [ crickets chirping ] >> i -- have great affinity for people of -- >> stephanie: humans as well. thank you for sharing your -- >> ha, ha, ha. laugh nervously. >> oh, my god. >> stephanie: okay. 17 minutes -- thank god i did not make panicky laughter my drinking game today.
7:16 am
glug glug, glug, glug. 17 minutes -- no, that's the paul ryan debate. drinking and sweaty. >> stephanie: gulpy and sweaty. kids, go to my pc. what would we do without it? i'm on the road all the time. >> you are. >> stephanie: for sexy liberal. >> this weekend. >> stephanie: or running from the law. i need to be able to work remotely. exactly. >> or sweating like a whore in church. >> stephanie: that's right. more and more businesspeople working remotely from their mobile devices. tablets and smart phones cannot replace that office computer unless, of course, you have the go to my pc app. we joke about there is an app for that? there is. >> it is very useful. >> stephanie: it is the missing link. it turns any mobile device including your android kindle, into your computer. go to mypc. so reliable, easy to use. number one tool for remote
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♪ oh, oh, oh, oh ♪ >> stephanie miller. ♪ uptown girl ♪ ♪ she's been living in her uptown world ♪ ♪ oh, oh, oh, oh ♪ >> stephanie: it is "the stephanie miller show." welcome to it. 24 minutes after the hour. the president yesterday. >> obama: we joke about governor romney being all over the map but it speaks to something important. it speaks of trust. there's no more serious issue in a presidential campaign than trust. trust matters. >> stephanie: let's go to tanya in spokane. you're on "the stephanie miller show." >> caller: hi. i'm scared. first time i called the show. >> stephanie: don't be scared.
7:22 am
>> caller: you're so cute. i just wanted to tell. >> couple of things. romney couldn't fit the last seven lies in the last debate to make it 31 because he was too busy agreeing with obama. >> stephanie: exactly. it was me, too mitt. that's who showed up. >> caller: then number two they both need to be taken in the back alley and taught what that word means number one and number two, that word needs to be removed from politics altogether. >> stephanie: you're talking about rape. >> caller: to us that have been. >> stephanie: yeah, well -- >> caller: thank you. i appreciate it. >> stephanie: thank you honey. i appreciate it. she's speaking of republican richard mourdock, the indiana senate candidate. do you want to play it again? >> we can. >> stephanie: it bears repeating. he said this at the debate. >> this is that issue that every candidate for federal or state office faces and i too certainly stand for life. i know there are some who disagree and i respect their point of view. but i believe that life begins
7:23 am
at conception and the only exception i have for -- to have an abortion is in that case of the life of the mother. i just -- i struggle with if myself for a long time but i came to realize life is that gift from god and i think even when life begins in that horrible situation of rape, that it is something that god intended to happen. [ buzzer ] >> god's will. >> stephanie: do i speak for women everywhere when i say [ bleep ] you. >> he says we're twisting his words when we play that. >> stephanie: playing that again. jean in connecticut, you're on "the stephanie miller show." hi jean. >> caller: hi, honey. it is so nice -- i've only been watching you for two days. >> stephanie: oh, my gosh. >> caller: i've got all of my friends coming and you've got the senior center housing just pumping. >> stephanie: woot, woot, woot! thank you jean. >> caller: anyway, the reason i'm calling is when i was in high school, i was raped by three men.
7:24 am
i kept it to myself. didn't tell my parents. was a good catholic family. i was away at a catholic boarding school. and for years and years i kept that horrible thing to myself. after my parents died i started having flashbacks. i was doing home nursing and i started having these flashbacks and i would have to pull off the road not know where i was. it was the worst time of my life. >> stephanie: yep. >> caller: my insurance wouldn't pay for counseling because you have to have this psychiatric -- all of these policies. i met a wonderful doctor and he has been at my side for the last 12 years. helping me deal with a worker comp injury, with the pain because you can't differentiate pain -- pain is pain. >> stephanie: that's right. >> caller: when i have this severe pain, i've had 14 surgeries, you go in a
7:25 am
flashback, you don't know whether the pain is from surgery or from a flashback being raped. when i first heard this, i literally started vomiting. i have started -- i'm a catholic. i have been praying for all rape victims and i can't seem to find any source of -- how is this affecting victims that hold -- the whole demographic as to whether they're going to vote for obama who i hope and the obamacare, as a nurse i love, is being on medicare, i love. >> stephanie: it is hard to differentiate what's the most important issue jean because there are so many that are important. it is such a critical election. and i -- >> how could it even be close? remotely? >> stephanie: you know, i had a friend i was telling you in her 50s back in new york that had been raped when she was 16 and when she talked about it, it was like it happened yesterday.
7:26 am
that's to understand how deeply offensive these kind of comments are to women. it is just -- it is like jim just said, how could it even be close among women voters or anybody? >> i wonder what the lovely and talented mrs. mourdock thinks of his comments. joe in houston real quick. hello, joe. >> caller: hey. how you doing, stephanie. love your show. >> stephanie: thank you. >> caller: listen, i wanted to see if i could get the people in the world to just extrapolate the republican party's platform to its logical conclusion, basically connect all of the dots. if they were to succeed on everything on their platform, this country would look like something that they would not want to see. when governor romney went over to china he saw a model that got him so excited -- >> stephanie: he thought was great. right back on "the stephanie miller show."
7:27 am
i wanted to talk about i think a lot of the things about the election is overanalyzed and i feel that a lot of people, they're going to vote for who
7:28 am
7:29 am
7:30 am
7:31 am
>> announcer: stephanie miller. >> looks like somebody had a rough night out. >> you can say that again. better get the coroner down here. >> stephanie: it is the "the stephanie miller show." 34 minutes after the hour. the president on the campaign trail. >> obama: everything he's doing right now is to hide his real positions and try to win this election. you can trust -- i say what i mean. i mean what i say. [ cheering ] >> stephanie: little bit important when you're the commander in chief. leader of the free world. representative hank naughtton is a veteran of the iraq war captain of the united states army reserve from the great
7:32 am
state of massachusetts. thank you for your service and thank you for taking time for us. >> that's great. you know, i would like to point out i was recently promoted to major and i did just return from afghanistan. so i think i've covered a few bases there. >> stephanie: wow. >> important. i'm not alone. two and a half million great americans that have stepped up and done much more than i have over the years and especially the last ten years since 9-11 and nobody's done more to support them and have their back then president obama has. i'm very happy to tell you all about that. >> stephanie: representative, boy, i'm surprised at how many calls i gret veterans who are supporting president obama. there has always been this meme that the military supports the republican candidate. president obama has gotten a lot more fund-raising money from people in the military than romney has. >> i think that's an urban myth
7:33 am
anymore. if you scratch the surface anyone in the military is thoughtful thinking person. it is an all volunteer military to take that step and volunteering this time of war is to be lauded. people think about that. they are not reflexive and knee jerk. they look and see what president obama has done, the tax cuts he's put into place. for businesses to hire veterans and wounded warriors. the fact that secretary -- general has done all he can to update and modernize the veterans administration, trying to take a service -- and be transparent with it and make that their v.a. file so they don't have to true -- to truly cut down on the bureaucracy at the v.a. the welcome home bonuses. president obama gets it. and unfortunately, governor romney doesn't get it and he didn't get it when he was governor of massachusetts. >> stephanie: right.
7:34 am
>> his attitude toward veterans was really -- divisive. >> stephanie: representative, i'm curious to get your take on the foreign policy debate the other night because in my mind, he just seemed like someone in way over his head on military issues. mitt romney. >> you know, i thought -- i think if that debate went on a half hour more, governor romney was going to endorse president obama. [ laughter ] >> stephanie: i can't tell if that was a debate or an endorsement. >> he's doing everything right so why bother changing courses at this stage? he says that he agrees with what the president wants too do as far as 2014 in taking our soldiers and our service members home from afghanistan. >> stephanie: which was a switch from a few days ago. the president said -- this literally -- you know, we're used to candidates who change their mind from four years ago. you can't keep track from day to day what his position is.
7:35 am
>> he's all over the place. that's consistent with the way he was as governor of massachusetts. his position on abortion and gay marriage, he needed to tack to the right during the primaries. now he's tacking to the center because he thinks he needs to do that to get elected president. i think it is incredibly hypocritical. i think people when they scratch the surface and look at his record, you know, he says he wants to -- america should take more of a leadership role in syria. what does that mean? he couldn't be specific on that. america is doing all we can in syria working with nato and our european allies to assure that the people -- >> romney wants to be president of syria. >> stephanie: first of all he doesn't even know where it is in relation to iran. the president said yesterday governor romney's foreign policy has been wrong and reckless and last night he was all over the map. i think that was a cogent point the president made is every time he's offered an opinion on
7:36 am
foreign policy, he's been wrong on foreign policy issues. >> you know, it is trying to make israel an issue and the president was fantastic the way he pointed out israel was one of the first places he's gone to. no one could be more solid in their support for the security and safety of the people of israel and the acknowledgement of what -- what an important alliance that is for us. for governor romney to bring up china, i think in such terms is so negative when again hypocritical in his own private industry. the companies they invested there. >> stephanie: it makes me giggle a little bit when he says the word china. as the president said, he's the last person to get tough on china. >> when the president tried to stick up for our american tire and rubber workers and enforce trade laws against china romney said that was reckless. come on! >> stephanie: yeah. you know, i love -- paul ryan said -- as the president said, he said it seems like you know,
7:37 am
you say you do what i would have done but you would have said it louder. either wasn't a difference or paul ryan had the gall yesterday to say we also disagree on a defense policy. this trillion dollar cut will devastate our defense. the one that he voted for. the sequestration. right? >> it is like they don't even read their own playbook. since secretary gates who served both republican and democratic presidents, since he left office, it has been a known fact that the military is going to have to change its strategy over the next generation and a smaller footprint a great article in "the boston globe" this weekend talking about how the military, the army is preparing for special operations and special forces troops and each of the other services are doing the same. and that's been known for a couple of years now. for them to disagree with that at this point it is contrived. >> stephanie: representative
7:38 am
naughton, everyone was wondering what is he going to say about libya and benghazi. he didn't say anything because more and more intelligence is coming out of course backing up what the administration said. also, it was not playing well he was politicizing this tragedy. and i thought john kerry made a great point. he said after ambassador stevens was killed, 30,000 libyans took their signs and said we love you, ambassador stevens, we love you, america. they disarmed people themselves. we changed perceptions in that part of the world. that's a huge thing isn't it? >> oh, i mean, the terrorist group that is native to that area in benghazi, they've been coming down on them. the population rose up. they chased some of the insurgents, the terrorists out of their camps in and around benghazi, the local police department to show their support and when governor romney hopped on that so quickly before -- never mind all of the information was out before very
7:39 am
much information was out arrive the tragic death of the ambassador and three other brave americans, one of whom was from massachusetts. and for him to politicize that, it is horrendous. for anybody who's ever worn a uniform, for him to do that, it's -- it makes you cringe. i don't get it. bite your tongue. wait until the experts come out with their opinions and we'll get it resolved. we stick together on this side of the atlantic. we don't show -- that's showing weakness. we can't back each other up at times of crisis like that. it was not appreciated by millions of service members and veterans. >> stephanie: yep, absolutely. massachusetts representative hank naughton, i made a major -- just made a major in the united states reserve. [ applause ] thanks so much for taking time for us. we appreciate it. >> stephanie always a pleasure. take care. >> stephanie: all right. there he goes, representative
7:40 am
hank naughton of massachusetts. where mitt romney is behind 20 to 30 points. fyi. >> wow. >> stephanie: the president on the campaign trail. here he is. >> obama: last night and throughout this campaign, i've laid out a plan for jobs and middle class security. unlike mitt romney, i'm proud to talk about what's in my plan. because first of all the math actually adds up. >> stephanie: did you see grampy? john mccain said the president took cheap shots at romney during the presidential campaign? no. >> stephanie: no. >> he fought back and he won. is that what they call cheap shots on the right? >> yes. they lose, it is a cheap shot. >> stephanie: losing is a cheap shot. >> stephanie: he said bayonets and horses, what's that all about? i don't know. why don't you tell mitt romney to prepare for the foreign debate. >> tell mitt romney how the military works. >> stephanie: carol in
7:41 am
pennsylvania. you're on "the stephanie miller show." hey, carol. >> caller: good morning. >> stephanie: good morning. >> caller: this election should be a no-brainer. that's not why i called. in pennsylvania, they're going to tell you -- ask you for your i.d. you do not have to give it! >> yeah. >> caller: they made us election workers -- in my ward -- ask people for their i.d. and they have the right to refuse. it is not so important in western pennsylvania. but philadelphia, pittsburgh, people don't give it to them. you don't have to. >> stephanie: that's a good point. people should check whatever state you're in, make sure you have whatever it is and you're armed with information like carol. >> you can find links to your particular state at >> stephanie: i like that lady from florida -- i would like to see them try to suppress my
7:42 am
vote. >> there was a newspaper owned by richard mellon scathe that reported do you need to show i.d. at pennsylvania polls. >> stephanie: that's almost like deliberate misinformation. >> yeah, a little bit. >> stephanie: new obama ad out yesterday. >> obama: here's ply fan for the next four years. making education and training a national priority. building on a manufacturing boom. boosting american-made energy. reducing the deficits responsibly by cutting where we can and asking wealthy to pay a little more. and ending the war in afghanistan so we can do some nation building here at home. >> stephanie: yea! hooray! [ applause ] >> stephanie: wow. speaking of ads romney said he doesn't have a plan. he's just attacking me. [ wah wah ] [ whatever! ] >> stephanie: he called the president an f word for gay man. brown falsely accused elizabeth warren of using hate actors in
7:43 am
an ad. one of the actual people in his ads, a television ad running as recent laze this week, senator scott brown, featured a union construction worker who -- whose facebook page is riddled with insults about elizabeth warren and president obama. one post made it before brown's ad appears, he calls warren a douche bag. >> really? >> stephanie: another, he labels the president an f word for gay men and then he says there is a muslim in the white house. then he said i attended -- how do you say? brandice jew you. one thing i learned is that jews have a persecution complex. that's why they vote for liberals. >> those are his constituents. >> stephanie: yes. 46 minutes after the hour. >> those are the people he employs. >> stephanie: right back with more of that sort of right right-wing world next on "the stephanie miller show".
7:44 am
>> on "the stephanie miller show" in suburban america this morning. >> announcer: it's a "the stephanie miller show."
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>>i jump out of my skin at people when i'm upset. they're doing this this corruption based on corruption based on corruption. >>that's an
7:48 am
[ ♪ music ♪ ] [ ♪ music ♪ ] >> announcer: stephanie miller ♪ wave your hands in the air like you don't care ♪ ♪ mama, come on ♪ stephanie miller. ♪ what's the word ♪ ♪ word up ♪ ♪ everybody say ♪ >> i thought grease was the word. >> stephanie: that's jacki schechner. 51 minutes after the hour. 1-800-steph-12. ooh, happy clappy news. why, i got something embargoed but because i know people, two new surveys just out. president obama with a 3-point lead in new hampshire. 1-point lead in virginia.
7:49 am
driving the president's lead on the ballot is a significant 13-point gender gap said the pollster. blah, blah blah. some other happy clappy news. steph, for everybody who is concerned about how close the election is, check out nate silver's blog where he compiles the polling data from all 50 states. the reason romney is doing well in the national polls because he's leading in the southern states by 22 percentage points. >> he's doing really well in bavaria. those are states he's not campaigning in. the huge margin in the south is the reason why the national polls are skewed to show the election between romney and obama are tied. 70% chance that obama will win the election. even if romney wins the popular vote. the election very close if everyone gets out and vote. obama will most likely win. okay, everybody! >> if that information was embargoed, is the embargo over? >> stephanie: no no. >> i was a little concerned about that. >> stephanie: that was this
7:50 am
morning. >> romney is ahead in the electoral college. >> stephanie: okay. let's dive into the right-wing world, shall we, kids? [ ♪ circus ♪ ] by the way cbs poll showed obama won the debate by 30 points. other surveys that have been out since then sort of similar but somewhere in that range. crushed him like a bug. only on fox news can that be a draw. bill o'reilly. >> he didn't win the debate. nobody won. it was so boring. >> stephanie: sure sure. >> none of them -- scored any points. >> really? >> i think everybody at home were the losers, the american people were the losers. >> romney is running behind in women. internal polling shows he needs women. >> i believe that's why he didn't do anything. >> romney didn't do anything. >> stephanie: hmm. >> huh? >> stephanie: bill speaking for the women as he does. >> mars needs women.
7:51 am
>> chicks like him. >> stephanie: sean hannity on mitt romney's drubbing. >> last night at the third and final presidential debate. we witnessed what appeared to be an angry candidate, who had a complete command of the facts. if it hadn't been for president obama, he came across as the desperate presidential hopeful. mitt romney sounded like the seasoned professional. >> stephanie: romney was in command of the facts? >> have you looked at a map sean? >> stephanie: fox probably changed the map to go with what mitt romney said about where -- >> they do that all the time. they turn syria into iran. >> stephanie: okay. all right. >> and iraq was turned into nevada. >> stephanie: they blacked out the countries. >> seriously, there are people whose only news source is fox news. >> unfortunately. >> i know. that's horrifying. >> stephanie: here is gretchen carlson.
7:52 am
>> some people could argue that mitt romney brought the discussion back to the auto bailout because he was talking to the voters in ohio and mish. he talked a lot about israel because he's talking about florida and other states. then you could argue that president obama really eager some say desperate for the female vote. >> stephanie: some say. >> he's desperate for the female vote. romney has that locked up. >> stephanie: in that he's winning it! quite a large margin! >> wow, are they really that dumb over there? >> well, gretchen carlson come on. >> stephanie: some might even say. >> some say they're morons. >> stephanie: andrea on the five. >> the president has chosen and his advisers to attack mitt romney in the most -- not just heinous way by calling him a felon and a bully but in the tone that they attack him in. mr. hope and change has gone from mr. big bird and binders. it is not a very good look and it is turning off women. every woman has worked with a man like that or been spoken to
7:53 am
the way that president obama sar astically and snidely undressed mitt romney on air with that tone. that's why he's losing women. >> huh? what? >> stephanie: actually the polls show -- let's see. blah blah, blah. driving the president's lead, significant 13-point gender gap currently 52% supporting obama. 43% romney. romney aunpopularity among women is a serious drag on his new hampshire numbers. women liked him on the first date but not on the second date or the third. [ applause ] >> stephanie: most women spoken to the way mitt romney -- >> get back in your binder. shet up, candy crowley, get back in your binder. >> from the debate, obama lying about romney and general motors. they checked the record today. the fact czechoslovakiaed the records. obama got it wrong. he was misstating entirely what
7:54 am
romney said. there was absolutely no way that romney did what obama alleged. if only bob schieffer had a copy of that op-ed. >> who was your fact checker? gretchen carlson? >> andrea? >> stephanie: he's such a convincing liar then i think oh, did that really happen and i call chris and chris says no. the president stated it correctly. because he wrote it down. he said no government guarantees. >> he published it. >> stephanie: they should get it through private which was not available at the time which is exactly the point that the president made. okay. bill o'reilly and steve ducey. >> romney doesn't want to be confrontational. >> it didn't work in the last debate. >> he doesn't want to be confrontational. now, is it a mistake? i think so but i could be wrong. romney could get more women to vote for him, all right. and that could put him over the top.
7:55 am
so he might in his -- his calculation might work. >> it may or may not have been a mistake. does it change anything? >> it might change how many women vote for romney. >> i don't think you could put women in a box like that. >> you're rooting for romney. >> said that to steve ducey. you're rooting for romney. >> stephanie: i know what chicks like. they like the first layer of the epidermis scrubbed off by a loofah in the shower. all right. we end with -- >> it's time for another episode of republicans eating their own. >> stephanie: michelle malton slams ann colter for calling romney a retard. what a shallow stupid thing to say. michelle malkin, one shred of decency. >> have at it, girls. >> stephanie: don't fight. you're both -- >> don't say it. >>.
7:56 am
[ ♪ theme ♪ ] >> stephanie: hello current tv land. comedian rick overton coming in live in studio for hour number three with us. jacki schechner. jacki schechner? >> yes. >> stephanie: there you are. hello. so how -- you know, the thing is we've been talking about we don't know how any woman can vote republican. this latest thing this mourdock thing is rape is what god intended, is it like another drop in just a full glass? is it going to make any difference? >> the only thing this may make a difference is the fact he's the only candidate that mitt
7:57 am
romney made an ad for. >> stephanie: right. >> a lot of people are making that connection from the dnc to american bridge 21st century juxtaposing the clips together. romney endorsing him. the ad. it shows how well-connected they are in terms of the right wing extremist views on women women's rights, women's issues. >> stephanie: paul ryan is the one that did a bill with todd akin. these are not -- off-the-cuff outliar gaffes, right? >> no. it is representative of a larger culture within the republican party. at least republican men is what we're coming to see. >> stephanie: absolutely. here we go, gender gap keep going. jacki schechner in the current news center. >> we mentioned last hour the obama campaign has given the okay now for the des moines register to publish an originally off-the-record interview with the president. the full transcript is now up on the des moines register web site. reportedly released by the campaign to the paper without additional comment. the interview between the president, the publisher and the
7:58 am
editor starts with the president laying out his economic plans for the next four years. he also mentions his commitment to working on immigration reform and energy efficiency. in the only reference in the conversation to it being off the record the president says he will be blunt in saying he knows if he wins a second term, it will be in large part because the republicans have so alienated the latino community which is the fastest-growing demographic in the country. he says he's cared about immigration reform since he ran in 2008 and he wants to get it done because it is the right thing to do. the president is campaigning in iowa today. he will also be in colorado, nevada romney is going the opposite direction starting in nevada and ending in iowa. we've been wondering what's going on with gloria allred and what her big alleged october surprise may be. she's in court in massachusetts today with maureen sullivan, the ex-wife of tom stemberg who founded statements. now mitt romney, bain capital helped set up staples and what they want to do is allow access
7:59 am
to mitt romney's testimony during their divorce. the ex-wife says they can have it. we'll see what happens. back after the break. corruption based on corruption. >>that's an understatement, eliot.
8:00 am
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>>no bs, authentic, the real thing. >>now, let's hear yours at the only online forum with a direct line to stephanie miller. >>the only thing that can save america now: current television. >>join the debate now. [ ♪ theme music ♪ ] >> announcer: ladies and gentlemen, it's "the stephanie miller show." ♪ i'm walkin' on sunshine ♪ ♪ i'm walkin' on sunshine ♪ ♪ and it's time to feel good ♪ ♪ hey, all right now ♪ ♪ and it's time to feel good ♪ >> brought to you in part by the last open road. where is the last open road? what is the last open road? have you traveled the last open road? go to >> stephanie: yea. let's see. tim, laughing my ass off at kathleen madigan. she's awesome.
8:03 am
you know why? because at stephanie miller show, we bring you tasty comedy treats like rick overton. tasty comedy confections. >> i've been rode in nonpair yells. dusted lightly with gold. >> stephanie: what better time for you to be here. you're doing a laughing liberally, a crisis for the rape crisis center. we have a new one. >> mourdock. >> stephanie: old rape statements. this is the newest one. >> mourdock from the 18? >> stephanie: no. >> something about that name, mourdock. this guy is going to be starring with ann romney. >> stephanie: would you like to hear it again? republican richard mourdock in a debate in indiana the other night. >> this is that issue that every candidate for federal or state office faces and i too certainly stand for life. i know there are some who disagree and i respect their point of view. but i believe that life begins
8:04 am
at conception. the only exception i have for -- to have an abortion is in that case of the life of the mother. i just -- i struggled with it myself for a long time but i came to realize life is that gift from god and i think even when life begins in that horrible situation of rape, that it is something that god intended to happen. [ whatever! ] >> so god is a jerk according to you. >> stephanie: guess what rick. you're here in time for more breaking news on the war against women. [ ♪ "world news tonight" ♪ ] nursing the gender gap is back. i wonder why. >> according to bill o'reilly, romney won. >> angry black man. >> stephanie: how did i know this would be true that donald trump's bombshell was nothing? [ wah wah ] gloria allred is always good. >> huge! >> stephanie: all right. i need some music for this.
8:05 am
breaking news. it isn't going to do it. because we've been speculating on what this was. this was tmz. >> is that better? ♪ >> stephanie: mitt romney alleges -- you have your news net hat on. good. >> just the facts ma'am the altered facts. >> stephanie: mitt romney allegedly lied in court to screw over a friend's wife. mitt romney lied under oath when he testified in the divorce of his good friend and screwed the friend's wife out of a lot of money in the process. the wife of staples founder tom stemberg. multiple sources connected with the divorce tell tmz during tom's uber nasty divorce with maureen, he gave a deposition and testified during the trial that staples was worth virtually nothing. mitt romney lying? >> romney. were you lying then or now? >> stephanie: he testified the company was worth very little and tom was a dreamer and the dream continues. romney characterized the staples
8:06 am
stock as overvalued saying i didn't place a great amount of credibility in the forecast of the company's future. partly as a result of his testimony, maureen got little in the divorce. they cashed their stock for a fortune. romney lied to screw the friend's wife over. but wait there's more. there's more. >> and a steamer. >> you're going to love my nuts. >> if you're british then you'll buy it. >> stephanie: our sources say years later maureen who suffered from m.s. got a visit from one of tom's guys who gave her papers informing her tom was canceling her health insurance. the irony here is tom was working as one of then governor romney's chief healthcare advisers. sources tell us tom also got custody of the couple's one child making allegations of abuse against maureen and get this, in the mid '90s, tom sent the boy a letter although he loved him because of issues
8:07 am
related to the divorce, it would not be possible for you to be part of our family in the foreseeable future. she lost her home in the process and struggled financially. they'll say she's a lying scheming -- >> of course. >> standard practice. >> wow! >> jeepers it just keeps getting worse! [ applause ] >> worse and worse. >> stephanie: we have a call in to our friend, glow. >> could he be prosecuted for perjury? >> if everything in the story that tmz alleges is true then yes, that's perjury. >> perjury. >> stephanie: hmm. >> you're a liar. liar! >> have fun storming the castle. liar. >> stephanie: he's doing princess bride. all right. let's do -- let's go to maggie in new york.
8:08 am
you're on "the stephanie miller show." hi maggie. >> caller: hi, how are you? >> stephanie: good. go ahead. >> caller: i just -- i'm so appalled by what mr. murdoch said. i just feel like maybe he should practice some empathy or experience something like that and see how he feels about it. >> stephanie: yeah. i just think it is awful. how dare you say such a thing? maybe he should experience it. >> maybe he should go to high security prison for awhile. >> stephanie: maggie, it is really -- i don't think he understands the depth of how offensive that is to women. their only excuse is you twisted my words. really? how did we twist your words by playing what you said? >> it is exactly what he said. maybe it should be god's will the rapist falls off the roof or something should happen to him before he commits such an act. >> i'm all for that. >> saddle it up. clack, clack boom. [ laughter ] >> stephanie: jana in
8:09 am
kentucky. >> caller: you caught me eating. everyone who is against women's choice or contraceptives should have to publicly announce it and make a pledge they're only going to have sex for the purpose of contraception -- >> procreating. >> caller: yeah, just to have the baby. they have to prove they have enough money to raise a child. and if they believe that cluster of cells is a person then they're going to have to believe that the sperm and the egg are also people potentially and that they have to start collecting them. >> that would be mass murder. >> stephanie: exactly. >> genocide. >> it puts the mass in -- >> stephanie: pardon me. >> it putless the mass in mass tur base. masturbation. >> when did we get a mast you masturbation stack? >> stephanie: just now. i'm a problem solver.
8:10 am
florida man exposes self to cops to prove he wasn't masturbating. only in florida can a man show his testicles to the cop to get out of -- i claimed he was scratching a job itch. >> can you identify yourself? >> have a look. take a gander at that. >> stephanie: with permission, the suspect presented his testicles. [ ♪ magic wand ♪ ] to one of the officers so his rash could be verified. the cop concluded the man was telling the truth. >> that settles that. thanks good citizen. >> voom! >> stephanie: go! fine. >> well, i'm a cop but i'll give you my best guess. >> stephanie: doctor, that looks nasty. >> i'm not a doctor but eww. let's look up eww. >> stephanie: he was scratching an itch. tina, you're on "the stephanie miller show." hey, tina.
8:11 am
>> caller: hey, first i heart you, stephanie. >> stephanie: i heart you. >> caller: what i wanted to call about was the ship thing for what romney said. >> stephanie: yes. >> caller: our fleet size in 1917. i would like to point out for the governor in 1917 we had mostly frigates. and we're technically 1/3 the size of any class carrier of today. >> stephanie: yeah and he had his facts wrong in the first place, tina, as john kerry tweeted right away. george bush is the one the ships went down under him. they're up. he didn't even have his original facts right. >> caller: exactly. what are you talking about? we're three times as big a navy as we were then. >> stephanie: i love the whole -- we have ships that go underwater now. >> if you start fact checking mitt romney word for word, you'll be like the old knight tell peculiar in the -- templar in the indiana jones film.
8:12 am
he lies so much, the rest of your life will be dedicated like anthropology to this. he's an anthro-apologist. >> wow, that was good. >> stephanie: say that again. >> anthro-apologist. >> these are all of the aircraft carriers in the world that do not belong to the united states. these are ours. >> okay. that's a lot. >> stephanie: wow. so if you're complaining we don't have enough ships you're an idiot. >> but we don't have enough jets that make the pilots pass out when they turn over sideways. >> stephanie: all right. mitt romney on the campaign trail. >> romney: we haven't heard an agenda from the president. that's why his campaign is taking on water and our campaign is supposed to be dead. [ ♪ "world news tonight" ♪ ] >> stephanie: romney knew this news would come out today. he won't have anymore network interviews. >> what's he hiding?
8:13 am
>> stephanie: might be some unfortunate questions. president obama sitting down with nbc's brian williams and on "the tonight show" with jay leno >> i believe that is tonight. >> stephanie: right. >> traffic is going to be a bit of a nightmare. >> stephanie: we gotta get out of here now! >> gotta go! >> stephanie: we can touch tonight from here. >> where is the line for the cavity search? [ laughter ] >> i don't want to see the show. i just want the cavity search. can i go back around? >> stephanie: jeanie in florida, you're on "the stephanie miller show." >> caller: hey steph hey jim hey chris hey rick. i just want to say i love your show so much. you keep me sane and you make me laugh every single day. i thank you for that. >> stephanie: thank you. as i said many times before, i really, really worry for people who are hinging their sanity on mine. i'm somewhat lightly tethered. >> lean on me.
8:14 am
♪ when you're not strong ♪ >> caller: i noticed something in the third debate. whenever mittens is talking -- when he reverses his opinion -- >> stephanie: yes. >> caller: he repeats it twice. for example, when he said -- monday night, i would not liquidate the auto industry. >> stephanie: right. >> caller: he goes of course not, of course not. i'm thinking he did the same thing when he was talking about iran. where he said the war would be a last resort. the last resort. trying to convince himself or us or all of us at the same time? >> stephanie: he's trying to hypnotize us. i've always said last resort. i would not let detroit go bankrupt. >> the golfing is great at the last resort. >> stephanie: we have always been at war with east asia. >> the last open road to get to the last resort? >> the last open road to the last resort.
8:15 am
of course i did. of course i did. you're a chicken. >> america goes what! >> stephanie: 18 minutes after the hour. back with more rick overton live in studio on "the stephanie miller show". >> otherwise you're going to have all idiots listening to your familiar. >> announcer: it's "the stephanie miller show."
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always outspoken, now unleashed: joy behar. on my next show i'll talk to parker posey. she's the star of "a mighty wind" and no, that's now what comes out of rush limbaugh. only on current tv. [ ♪ music ♪ ] >> this is a vintage arizona state university shirt. it's the only college mascot. >> stephanie: the won a stanley cup. >> yes, they did. >> stephanie: oh, good to know.
8:19 am
>> the only college mascot to be designed. >> oh, good to know. >> stephanie: you think your >> stephanie: it is the "the stephanie miller show." i always get a lot of subject lines just yea rick overton! >> hello everybody. >> stephanie: sara from minneapolis. doing the kermit flail! yea! see? tasty comedy confections on "the stephanie miller show." >> stephanie: bob, jim says for anyone who's seen a wonderful life, would you rather live in bedford falls or potterville? >> nothing but a warped, frustrated young man. >> stephanie: james lipton who is so funny on this --'s he's hilarious. >> stephanie: he said on mitt romney, he's a boss. he's mr. spacely. every boss -- >> jetson!
8:20 am
[ laughter ] >> stephanie: he's mr. potter. evil boss, fill in here. mr. burns. >> funny the things we remember from childhood. >> stephanie: yes. he said what the challenger is offering us in the end is a boss. there are lots of nicer words. ceo, job creator with that word that has a religious aura to it. capitalize the c and a halo appears. he's a boss. common word for the common thing. it can be benign, malevolent, revered, loathed but he is, he's just -- he's that guy. >> i say ha, ha, be a boss. like a boss. ha ha. [ laughter ] >> isn't that wonderful eddie? >> i bow. >> stephanie: ellen degeneres just got the mark twain prize. >> good for her. [ applause ] >> well deserved. >> stephanie: holding her back. >> she broke the ice.
8:21 am
she broke the glass ceiling. >> stephanie: right. she said the president -- i'm hoping our president stays put. if you're a woman you should be very, very scared of that for many reasons. she obviously is a gay person. he doesn't believe in me having the same rights so i'm not happy about that. do what ellen says. he is very scary. [ ♪ hypnotic ♪ ] >> stephanie: i love the gays. of course i do. >> i really, really do. >> i practically am gay. what did i say? >> retreat to my underwear. >> stephanie: we were talking about the v.p. announcement. that was like the gayest announcement ever. >> oh, yeah. >> stephanie: with the navy carrier. i don't know what that was. >> he's so muscular. >> stephanie: i know. >> he could crush me. >> stephanie: we won't bring up his abs. >> he doesn't have abs!
8:22 am
[ ♪ "world news tonight" ♪ ] >> stephanie: obama beats romney in xbox live poll. >> wow. >> stephanie: gamers have political opinions, too. >> our good friend, aisha tyler is a gamer. she's on xbox live. >> stephanie: i have to pull her off it to go on stage on sexy liberal. get off that xbox! get on stage aisha tyler! i've had it with you. thank you. >> watch out for the diebold xbox machines. >> hey. making the other guy fight. >> stephanie: eddie in milwaukee. you're on. hi eddie. >> caller: i would like to be recognized as the first gropey of the sexiy liberal tour. >> you were the first one who ever got groped? >> yeah. i can't help to imagine all of those who have come behind me. >> so to speak. [ buzzer ] >> stephanie: that's worse than a santorum search.
8:23 am
>> caller: not that way. so earlier you were asking stephanie why do you think this is so close and i have to admit i've been giving that a lot of thought, too. i think the problem we're having is we're throwing logic at it and we think that you know, liars and getting caught in lies is going to be the difference. but i really think that it's the two d mentality of america. how does this affect me and how does this affect we. and i think president obama plays a 3d game. how does it affect them as well? so if it is not affecting -- i'm not gay so i don't care about gay rights. i'm not -- welfare person -- >> stephanie: what i wonder is -- mitt romney is somebody nobody likes. republican party hates him. see how hated he was in the primary. democrats hate him. i don't sort of -- i can't imagine that somebody that that many people instinctively don't like could be -- this close. >> but they fall in line.
8:24 am
conservatives always fall in line. >> stephanie: right. is there just that much obama derangement syndrome out there? do they really hate -- it doesn't seem like anybody is voting for romney. >> caller: but they're inundated with the lies of fox newses and the fact that the respectable news organizations don't -- you know in no way disprove what fox says. they might report it as some are saying. >> stephanie: even rush limbaugh -- a lot of people -- obviously a lot of our winners know he lost the debate. because he doesn't stand for anything. he threw them under the bus and all of the neocons. they don't like him. >> he's like one of the villains that at the end of the movie, he shoots his own henchman to buy himself time to get out the back door. >> stephanie: right back. rick overton live in studio on "the stephanie miller show."
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[ ♪ music ♪ ] >> announcer: stephanie miller. >> announcer: stephanie miller. >> i can't do this anymore. i'm a good girl. i went to catholic school. >> i am the king. >> stephanie: it is "the stephanie miller show." comedian rick overton live in studio doing a fund-raiser for our friend, former and future congressman alan grayson. >> sunday at 7:30 at the improv. >> sunday, sunday. >> on melrose. it is going to be sara silverman, jimmy dorr, special guests and you're a sap if you don't show up. $30 for admission because we're kicking the money to him and $250 for v.i.p. seating which means you get to hang photo trade jokes and hang out with
8:30 am
alan at the afterparty. it is a piece of american history. put a smart cap on and come down. >> i won't be here monday morning. >> stephanie: i will be flying back from sexy liberal in new york city. sexy liberal palooza this saturday, october 27th. get it. >> who told you to play that sexy song? who was it? that posed the suggestion? >> it must have been rick overton. don't you crack your knuckles at me young man. are you okay? >> stephanie: we were saying because james lipton was saying that mitt romney -- you played a lot of douchey bosses. >> i was the informant. i was matt damon's informant. great movie. always supposed to play something about your character that you make a likable thing. i can't do that. i liked how i played this butt hole though. this is a revenge role. >> stephanie: you're doing a fund-raiser for the rape crisis center in response to recent
8:31 am
statements by todd akin and paul ryan and now you can add richard mourdock to the gang who said if a woman is raped that's what god intended. you know which reminds me -- >> huge mistake anthrofor-more nizing. >> whose wife thought after an accident in traffic that blew open a vehicle full of helium filled dolls, she runs into traffic and gets hit by a truck. i think all of this is god's will and i'm this flat line guy while my kid stands by wondering what's happening to his dad. >> stephanie: the character nate says it is not god's will. your wife fell out of a moving car. >> i'm like the test pattern from the '50s. then snow. >> please stand by. we're experiencing technical difficulties. >> stephanie: there are bigger freaks in the world than us. >> what? >> stephanie: woman posts an
8:32 am
ad for person to watch her sleeping. >> done and done. >> who is that? >> stephanie: between $35 and $40 an hour for someone to don an owl costume and watch over her. >> i will be there. >> did you hear what he said? >> who is that? >> stephanie: her name was meredith erickson. thank you. she identified herself only as susan. wrote she had trouble sleeping. thought she would be more relaxed if she had a costumed guardian. >> why an owl? >> stephanie: susan would permit the employee to forgo the costume and stick a feather to your forehead. it is not a joke but after receiving dozens of replies, she came forward to say yes, it was a joke. [ applause ] >> stephanie: she had no shortage of people signing up for that. >> the freak shop. we just have teddy bears. what's wrong with you? >> you're sick.
8:33 am
>> get out of my sex shop. >> what kind of pervert are you? >> oh. >> stephanie: like you would really be able to trust someone watching you. >> hey, what are you doing? >> it's me! >> oh! >> stephanie: alaina in long island. >> caller: hi, stephanie. two things. first, lastly, i asked my husband how old he thought you are. he said early 30s. >> stephanie: he's a good guy. >> caller: you know what? i really don't understand how women -- you know, there is a segment of women out there that can vote for these guys who want to take away our rights to our own body, who feel that women are second class citizens. >> it is god's will. >> caller: that women can be like that. >> stephanie: you shouldn't be out of your binder in the first place. >> caller: right, yeah. what motivates them? i don't understand.
8:34 am
>> stephanie: yeah. >> caller: it is ridiculous. >> stephanie: i know. i can only imagine the gender gap is going to widen. i think it is back up to about 13 or something like that. all right. >> mitt's not making a lot of friends right now. >> stephanie: tim in chicago. you're on "the stephanie miller show." hi tim. >> caller: hello. i just want to say i do watch you every morning. >> stephanie: thank you. >> caller: i think you're absolutely fantastic and are you the one who raises the i.q. of the united states. >> really? [farting sounds] >> caller: i dealt with kathleen madigan yesterday. >> stephanie: we've all dealt with her. >> caller: who -- where do they get these polls? because i have caller i.d. hundreds of thousands of millions of people have caller i.d. and do not answer calls that they don't recognize. >> stephanie: i don't. for a number of reasons. some have to do with my personal mistakes. however -- >> i think it is because romney
8:35 am
has alienated just about every demographic in this country except wealthy white men. >> stephanie: tim, i don't know if you heard me earlier talking about nate silver who is eerily accurate. a numbers guy we had on last week. he's still predicting obama has a 70% chance of winning. the problem is romney is so far ahead in the southern states, that's what they're saying is making the numbers so close. nationally. i hate to say it, it is some degree racism, some degree general obama derangement syndrome that romney is so far ahead in the red states. because we're the skeeterlands, where the skeeters of the world live. >> skeeterville. >> stephanie: there is not an actual skeeterville. just in general. >> i think sometimes this 49% 51% is the game they play to keep it exciting for the viewer right up until the last second. >> stephanie: that's what they want. they want a horse race. >> the numbers aren't that close. >> stephanie: is this skeeter
8:36 am
pack? there is a form. >> in 2011, we termed you about skeeter. infected with obama derangement syndrome people like skeeter have little or no connection to reality. in 2012, despite main breakthroughs, skeeter's condition has worsened. good news is you can help. we're proud to announce the formation of skeeter pac a political action committee demonstrated to countering the effects of obama derangement syndrome. with your donation, we can put people with ods in special rooms with newspapers, books and other fact-based information. it can be read by or in the case of skeeter read to obama derangement sufferers. won't you help? skeeter didn't build his condition by himself. and obama derangement syndrome won't end without your help. please give today to skeeter pac. paid for by friends of skeeter. >> stephanie: skeeter has
8:37 am
friends. okay. so that joke about taking our guns. number of gun dealers increased by 3,000 under obama. because of skeeters. the moment obama took office, they became paranoid about seizing guns even after obama served as president three full years without signing a single new gun legislation. >> that's his trick. >> to get more guns. >> it was more difficult to take them away later. >> stephanie: right. president claimed obama's lack of interest in guns is a massive obama conspiracy to deceive voters and true intentions of the second amendment in our country. he's waiting for a second term for that. see how he did that? [ ♪ dramatic ♪ ] >> turns out this paranoia has been great for gun sales and now this is by the a. p., sales are on the rise so much that gun manufacturers can't even keep enough weapons, can't make them fast enough. major stock prices off the number of license vendor
8:38 am
increasing for the first time in 20 years. the driver is president obama said one gun dealer. he's the best thing that ever happened to the firearm industry. the nra endorsed romney despite he signed a permanent ban on assault rifles as governor. >> good thinking. [ applause ] >> i was only following orders. >> of course i was. of course i was. [ ♪ hypnotic ♪ ] >> stephanie: caller earlier pointed out how romney always says everything twice. it is not a lie if he says it twice. >> of course i do. of course i do. >> he's the unsurian candidate. >> staples made no money. [ ♪ hypnotic ♪ ] >> stephanie: are you referring to this story? >> what story steph? >> stephanie: what tmz is reporting this morning. gloria allred bombshell. mitt romney allegedly lied. >> you are a liar. >> stephanie: in court to screw over a friend's wife. the ceo of staples. >> were you lying -- you were lying then. are you lying now. are you not a chronic and
8:39 am
habitual liar. liar! >> stephanie: okay. yes, mitt romney lied under oath when he testified in the divorce of his good friend, screwed the friend's wife out of a lot of money in the divorce. so claims the ex-wife of tom stemberg. multiple sources told tmz during the nasty divorce case, gave a deposition and testified during the trial that staple was worth virtually nothing. [ wah wah ] >> stephanie: turns out to be -- >> false. >> stephanie: yes. >> just went there yesterday. >> i have boughten many things from staples. >> stephanie: as tom brokaw would say the story is developing. >> it's developing. >> gloria allred accompanied the wife into court this morning. so we'll find out more about -- >> staples. >> stephanie: about these allegations. >> allegations about staples. >> he has to wear gallagher plastic when he talks. >> stephanie: nancy in buffalo. you're on "the stephanie miller show." welcome. >> caller: hi, stephanie. i live right down that road that
8:40 am
comes from lockport. >> stephanie: the transit. >> caller: i just was going to say romney is the classic path logical liar but that's not all i wanted to say. >> stephanie: of course he's not. [ ♪ hypnotic ♪ ] >> caller: yeah. i was calling actually about the comment that was made by this mourdock friend of romney. according to his logic about god's intentions, we probably should let all of the murderers out of jail because god must have intended that their victims be murdered. >> stephanie: they're just soldiers of god apparently. >> good point. >> don't give them any ideas. >> stephanie: we were talking about mr. slate. we were talking about all of the douchey bosses. >> jetson! >> flintstones. >> that's flintstones. >> mr. spacely. >> who was the boss on -- >> oh -- >> stephanie: larry tate.
8:41 am
>> well. >> stephanie: 45 minutes -- >> sam. sam? >> stephanie: we're going to replace rick overton with a different rick in case anyone noticed. [ laughter ] that would be funny. 45 minutes after the hour. right back on "the stephanie miller show." >> announcer: that happened and we all let it happen. it's "the stephanie miller show."
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[ ♪ music ♪ ] >> announcer: stephanie miller . [ ♪ music ♪ ] ♪ girls just wanna have fun ♪ ♪ girls they want ♪ ♪ wanna have fun girls ♪
8:46 am
♪ wanna have -- ♪ >> stephanie: you know what's fun? if guys just stopped comparing rape to anything. [ buzzer ] just shut the [ bleep ] >> i think that's your call. they don't get to make the call. >> stephanie: rick overton is doing a fund-raiser for the rape crisis center coming up. >> it will be november 1st at 8:00. tickets are $20 and it is going to have greg proofs, jimmy dorr, me, matt dwyer and special guest, hosted by mclean and susie sampson who is really jacki could pell. she's the tea party reporter. she does these sort of sting operations. hilarious stuff. here is the sign for that. >> stephanie: yeah. >> we put a link for discount tickets up on steph's facebook page. for that event. [ ♪ hypnotic ♪ ] >> stephanie: of course i did. i was up all night. >> i didn't say you. i said we.
8:47 am
awake and refreshed. >> stephanie: i'm just a figure head here. >> we're not pleased. >> stephanie: i have no power here. >> we're not amused. >> stephanie: and also our friend sexy liberal john fuglesang who of course will be on stage with me at the beacon in new york city. >> check out caffeinated online where we make fun of the charges against president obama just see the video. it is really funny. >> stephanie: all right. we were talking about the debate. crushed him. cbs poll, most other ones reflected the same thing. obama won by 30 points or as fox says, a draw. yeah. >> stephanie: i felt it was a bitch slapping of epic proportions. >> it is not just fox news saying that. a lot of people on cnn are saying that. too. >> stephanie: oh cnn. >> both sides are equal. >> they're saying it so they can still have a horse race so they can still draw viewers in to see
8:48 am
the contest. >> waning by the second now. >> stephanie: it makes me crazy. like there's two sides to this benghazi thing. there is not! jim, i was watching, catching up on my real times last night in my insomnia state. there's darrell issa from two weeks ago saying -- guess what. it did have to do with the video, you douche. in the meantime, you released names of people -- endangered lives on the ground in libya. >> shouldn't that be a felony to politicize this. >> the whole trick is that -- that's the whole point of royalty, i get to do it and you don't. that's the whole point of being elite. >> stephanie: i may run for congress as a write-in at the last minute. we take back the white house and congress, i'm just going to have one darrell issa investigation after another. [ ding ding ] [ applause ] i'm going to get myself on a house committee. >> let me know. we'll do the improv.
8:49 am
>> stephanie: i'm going to have a hearing on balls and invite all women. only me and katherine heigl. [ laughter ] >> stephanie: nobody else. no men will be allowed to testify. >> the mass castration hearings. >> well. >> stephanie: it is our friend billy from texas. hello, billy from texas welcome. >> caller: good morning, guys. you keep calling romney a liar. pointing out these things that he's lying about. >> stephanie: yes. >> caller: i would say to you that you all got no business calling anybody a liar. >> stephanie: really? >> caller: yeah, the fact that -- the theory that romney didn't pay his taxes. >> stephanie: we don't know whether that's a lie or not because he won't release them. >> caller: that's a lie. he has released his taxes. >> where do you get your info? >> caller: the only poll that counts is the one you take on election day. >> stephanie: that's right. >> caller: i will submit to you again, if you think that obama and the congress are going back over to the dark side, you're
8:50 am
off your meds. >> stephanie: if i think obama -- >> where do you get your info from? where is your news from? >> i watched the debates sir. >> where do you get your news from? >> i get it from a lot of different places. >> which means fox? you're saying fox. >> stephanie: a lot of places. >> cnbc or cnn because they're saying the same thing as everybody else is saying. rasmussen, gallup is saying that obama -- >> equal sign, fox. >> all of the southern states, it is because they're racist. that's another -- >> stephanie: billy, it is not a lie. it is statistically accurate that romney is ahead so far in southern states, that is what is skewing the national poll to be so tight. >> racism. >> it has nothing to do with race billy. >> stephanie: i don't know what it has to do with. >> stephanie: why is romney so far ahead in southern states? >> caller: you're saying that's because of racism. >> stephanie: i said it could be partially. who knows. why would he be so far ahead in
8:51 am
the southern states. >> caller: why someone you could say partially. who knows.and then -- >> stephanie: i'm entitled to an opinion. that's why my name is on the show and i have a fancy sign. >> caller: yes, ma'am, i agree with you. you always put it out there that people are racist because they don't want to -- >> stephanie: i didn't say people are racist. who don't vote for obama. some people that don't vote for obama are racist. >> caller: obama is a simple marxist. >> where do you get -- >> do you listen to rush limbaugh? you should be proud enough to admit you listen to rush limbaugh and you watch fox news. >> i listen to rush and mark thompson. how do you like them? >> stephanie: ooh. what do you base his marxism on? >> he's a social democrat. >> no, he's not. >> yes, he is. >> you know what a social democrat is? >> yes. >> kind of a moderate republican. >> social democrat is somebody who believes they can achieve
8:52 am
socialist ends through democratic means. they're an offshoot of the original marxist party, the other side of that. >> stephanie: so corporate -- the stock market is at record highs, corporate profits are at record highs. that's pretty tricky for a marxist, isn't it? >> the whole obamacare thing is a sock to the insurance companies. they're making a lot of money off of it. >> our belief is we have different -- you were raised into a system that gave you wrong info and now you're stuck with it and you're locked into it and now you have to defend it. we don't think you're a bad guy. you have core upted info. >> stephanie: we try to help. we're helpers. joe biden on the campaign trail. in ohio. >> polls are open now from 8:00 a.m. until 7:00 p.m. folks, go win it for us now! go vote now! >> stephanie: can i just say i loved his debate with paul ryan. >> oh, man! >> here is my impression of the debate with the sound off. i was watching this debate.
8:53 am
here is my impression. [ laughter ] >> and then the other way is -- >> stephanie: okay. all right. blinking eye ostrich and -- >> stephanie: gulping and sweaty, the new republican ticket. we apologize for our radio listeners who have no idea what just happened. rick overton did some very funny facial things. you can see both if you go to see him live. you can see his funny faces and his funny words. how's about that? >> yes. >> stephanie: go to >> be helpful. be good guys. >> go to stephanie's facebook page to find out where you can get discounted tickets. >> stephanie: we love you rick overton. >> we love you steph. >> stephanie: with the heat of 1,000 comedy suns. >> just because you're a marxist. >> groucho marxist. >> stephanie: it's a rash. see you tomorrow on "the stephanie miller show." ?d
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